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Mountains and Trails in This Welcoming Western Town

Canyon, Texas is less than 20 miles south of Amarillo but feels at least one hundred. A small town with a western style plain but attractive main street, Canyon is a good place for families and retirees looking for the simple life. With Amarillo so close, there is lots of opportunity to seek the excitement of a city, attend events, shop, or get advanced medical care, but your home sweet home will be nice and quiet.

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Considered the Plains Area of the Panhandle, this part of Texas has lots of character and the landscapes you think of for that part of the country. Part of what makes Canyon so interesting is it’s status as home to West Texas A&M University which allows access to it’s wonderful fine arts center, and brings all the cool restaurants and coffee shops that come with a university town. It’s also the county seat, and typically county seats in general are more attractive with their mix of residential and government buildings, say nothing of the added convenience to living near those resources.

Things that Make Canyon, TX a Good Place to Call Home

Amarillo is 18 Miles Away
Great food, fun activities, and good medical care.
Interesting attractions like Cadillac Ranch, the Botanical Gardens.
Cool historic district full of Spanish Revival buildings.
Jobs if you need them.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park
Canyon is considered the gateway to this 25,000 acres gem.
Enormous state park with miles and miles of trails.
Considered the Grand Canyon of Texas due to the multi-layered rock gorges.

Weather is Really Nice
Four seasons with a moderate winter, and hot, but not Texas-hot in the summer.
Average rainfall is low with lots of sunny days.
Snow every year, but very little and short season.

Affordable Cost of Living and Very Low Violent Crime Numbers
You can rent right near the university for less than $900.
Houses downtown, walkable to coffee shops, parks and the university.
You get a lot of lifestyle for very low cost in this little nook of Texas.

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Local Information

Population 15,000
Average House or Condo Value $164,900
County Randall
Municipal Website City of Canyon TX
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Location Map
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