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Move to Dunedin, FL

Boating and Natural Beauty in a Friendly Walkable Small City

Situated on the gulf coast of Florida, Dunedin is a paradise of beauty and recreation. The adorable downtown is surrounded by walkable neighborhoods, event venues, and parks. The downtown parks are renowned for their beauty and accessibility and have nesting spots for the countless bird species who make their homes throughout the city. A walking trail leads right through downtown and lots of greenways and waterfront access make getting outside to enjoy a bit of the weather and view an easy thing to do.

Dunedin itself has almost everything you could wish for, but you’ll still find yourself itching to visit the wonderful cities of Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg on a regular basis.  Moving to Dunedin is a great choice if you like friendly people, year round great weather, and a vibrant, socially active community feeling. Kind of off the map for tourists too, although you’ll get your share do to Honeymoon Island State Park, the gorgeous white-sand beach and recreation area just across St. Joseph Sound.

dunedin florida shops walkable  honeymoom island dunedin fl
Images of downtown courtesy of VisitDunedin and City of Dunedin

Housing is a bit pricier than some of our other places but well within reason, without that coastal price bloat you see so often. Hurricanes off the Gulf of Mexico can be serious business so look at flooding maps and consider the rising coast of insurance if you are keen on being super close to the waterfront.

Things That Make Moving to Dunedin, FL Rewarding

Proximity to Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg
Fantastic options for medical and health care.
Beautiful zoos, botanical gardens, historic districts, and other sightseeing.
Regularly low fares at Tampa International.

The City is Focused on Staying Beautiful
The parks are beautiful and welcoming.
Storefronts and quaint shops line many streets.
The waterfront marinas are stunning.
Sounds, Lakes, and Bays
Fishing, boating, and water sports abound.
Lots of access to incredible wild caught seafood.
Views of water are easier to come by than most places.

Warm Wonderful Weather
Over 85 degrees much of the year.
Rarely dipping below 55 degrees.
Summer mugginess is made up for by access to water.

Affordable Resort Town Living with Low Violent Crime
Homes are available at less than $200, but you get a lot if you move up to $250
Rents are affordable, and many buy a park model trailer and rent the lot.
A walkable city with very low violent crime numbers.

park model for sale dunedin flImage of $29K park model courtesy of Zillow

dunedin fl house for sale 249K Image of $249K house courtesy of Zillow

Local Information

Population 38,100
Average House or Condo Value $186,500
County Pinellas
Municipal Website City of Dunedin
Employment Opportunities Examples courtesy of Indeed
Location Map
pinellas county dunedin fl map
Map courtesy of Pinellas County FL and image at top courtesy of VisitFlorida