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Move to Newport, NC

Close to the Beach and Charming Villages with Reasonable Cost of Living

Consider retiring in eastern North Carolina, close to the beautiful beaches of the Crystal Coast. Newport, North Carolina is super centrally located, a bit south of Morehead City and a short drive to both of Bogue Banks bridges to visit either Emerald Isle or Atlantic Beach. Lots of really cute but more expensive towns are nearby for pleasant visits out for coffee or shopping. Beaufort, NC and Swansboro, NC are both known for their beautiful waterfronts, quaint shopping and dining districts, and historic homes.

Newport is laid back and friendly. It’s also really pretty with it’s combination of coastal vibe and farmland. Newport has all kinds of housing options, most of which are affordable country style homes, or larger and more expensive coastal properties just outside of town on the Intracoastal Waterway. The downtown is really just an assemblage of intertwined streets with a very country crossroads kind of feel, but there are some little shops and places to eat. Not super quaint in itself, the surrounding area beauty and tranquility more than make up for it.

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Images courtesy Carteret County Public Libraries and Town of Newport NC

For history buffs, and those who want an amazing view of the ocean and Port of Morehead City at the same time, Fort Macon State Park is nearby, as well as several civil war era spots. The area has good schools too. If you don’t have kids, that might not seem important, but trust us, it’s a great indicator of overall quality of life in an area. Always check school ratings before you consider relocating to an area, even if you dismiss them later, at least you know.

Things that Make Newport, NC a Great Place to Live

Morehead City a Few Miles Away
Excellent access to medical care.
Lots of big box shopping, restaurants and things to do.

Quaint Nearby Towns and Parks
Swansboro and Beaufort are wonderful places to shop, eat, or stroll.
Seafood is a local restaurant specialty with lots of fresh caught options.
There are tons of birding and nature paths and trails nearby.

Atlantic Coastal and Intracoastal Waterway
Lots of oceanfront shoreline and great free beaches on Bogue Banks.
Marinas, fishing piers, and amazing waterfront views.
Steady breezes all summer long lowers the temperatures compared to many southern locations.

Fabulous Weather
Inland just enough to avoid most wind and water damage in storms.
Four true seasons of almost equal length.

Affordable Cost of Living and Low Violent Crime Numbers
Year round rentals are fairly inexpensive.
The best deals are homes right in the small town center, instead of planned communities.

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Image of $170K house courtesy of Zillow

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Local Information

Population 5,100
Average House or Condo Value $168,000
County Carteret
Municipal Website Town of Newport
Employment Opportunities Examples courtesy of Indeed
Location Map
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Map courtesy of Wikipedia, and top image courtesy of the Town of Newport NC