Social Security Calculator

How much social security will you get? Have you been putting off checking, not sure how to do so? The most accurate and efficient way to check your potential benefit is to use the Social Security Administration’s own calculator. Don’t forget to also use an excellent retirement calculator once you know this info, as it will help you plan for retirement.

Ignore all those gurus and banking sites you see pop up in Google results and check out your retirement benefits at the source.

Social Security Administration Social Security Benefits Calculator

Use the site to check how much social security you will get. Just click the image or form below, and enter your data.

how much social security will i get

Social Security Calculator from the Social Security Administration is Fast and Easy

It’s the only safe place to put your personal details. Just click the image below to go directly to the government site. Do not use other online calculators that may store your data!

social security calculator

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