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We’ve curated a list of places we look for interesting opportunities to purchase an up and running business. Remember, not all business for sale websites, and business for sale listings are created equal; many are simply “business opportunities” and not ongoing concerns. These opportunities are often expensive without any proof of cash flow, so buyer beware. We have a Franchises for Sale section as well if you are more interested in a “done for you” approach to starting fresh.

Von Says

  • Most importantly; read our Buying a Business Tips page before you start looking
  • Consider reading How to Choose Your Retirement Business for lifestyle match tips
  • If you’re serious about buying a business create an account on the first two websites
  • Then use the alert tool to set up very specific listing alerts so you don’t miss a new listing
  • Check your privacy controls so you aren’t contacted by brokers

Try to do additional research using listing clues before you contact a broker or owner

We have left off sites that are exclusive outlets for business brokers to post their listings, since brokers also cross-post to the largest platforms. There are quite a few ways to find a business for sale that we are happy to share if drop us a line.

Here are the Top 3 Places to Find a Business for Sale…

BizBuySell Advanced Search

This website is really great for broker listings, but more importantly individuals frequently post businesses for sale as well. The advanced search lets you winnow down to exactly the location and type of business you are looking for. A best practice is to also choose price range, and select a minimum cash flow or you end up with a lot of “opportunities”. Also be warned cash flow is sometimes projected, not yet a reality.


LoopNet specializes in commercial property, but it’s relevant when looking for a business because lots of businesses come with property and this is one of the most popular places to list them. We don’t show a link to the advanced search because LoopNet insists on showing local results first via location cookies. So…go to their home page and choose advanced search yourself, and you’ll get your own area. You can change areas easily by selecting new locations.
find a commercial property for sale

BizQuest Advanced Search

BizQuest is now officially part of BizBuySell and BrokersNetwork, however for some reason a few listings appear here that don’t on those sites so we continue to keep our alerts set for this site as well.

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One you find a business you are interested in, consider reading further. Our Buying a Business Tips is invaluable for it’s insight into our personal practices when buying a business.

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