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If you’ve just started looking into franchises, a word of warning. Buying a franchise can be a rewarding experience and give you the benefit of name recognition, preset operating procedures, and national support. Franchises can also be expensive and restrictive. Buying a business that’s up and running and isn’t part of a franchise can be a great option. Many times a franchise and starting from scratch can be more expensive than buying up and running cash flow from an owner who’s retiring or trying to do something new. Consider checking out all the options and visit Businesses for Sale Search and Buying a Business Tips too.

Quick List of Pros and Cons of Buying a Franchise

Proven Business Model
Lots of Details “Done for You”
Buying Power for Supplies
Name Recognition
Some Marketing in Place
Operational Restrictions
Your Ideas Can’t Always be Implemented
Sometimes Costly Build Out
Profit Margins May be Lower
You Might Pay Royalties Forever

Von Says

  • Please read our tips on Buying a Business even if that business is a franchise.
  • Make sure to skim our list of Best Low Cost Franchises as a way to dip your toes into franchising possibilities
  • See if the franchise you are considering fits your personal goals and lifestyle wishes by checking out our How to Choose Your Retirement Business
  • Create an account on a couple of the franchise search sites if you’re serious about buying
  • The alert tools allow you to define criteria for new listings so you don’t miss anything
  • Set your privacy controls to decline permission for brokers to call you

Try to do additional research on your own about the franchise BEFORE asking for a package from the seller.

Below are a few sites that we keep bookmarked for franchise availability research. Each has it’s own merits and exclusive offerings. Don’t count on the listing to tell too much, and instead use Google to find the home page for new franchisees that most offerings will have.

Start With These Three Places to Find a Franchise for Sale…

Franchise Gator

This company has a great search tool with lots of listings for every state. The listings clearly explain minimum cash requirements, years in business, and a few other details to help you get acquainted. One of the reasons we like them though is that the online search tool is backed by a real staff. Lots of access to people supportive of connecting you with the right franchise makes them just a bit different. Most online companies tend to not answer the phone; not true at Franchise Gator.

franchise gator franchises for sale

Franchise Opportunities

Another site with solid customer service backing up online search. Some of their tools are good too. They have an app and a nice resource center, as well as a clean user-friendly interface. The franchise info is clear and concise but lacks a few important details. Don’t miss this one though, like most of the big sites they have a few exclusive offerings, not listed other places.

franchise opportunities franchise for sale

This site has bare bones listings but have included anyway because there are a few companies using them that don’t advertise anywhere else. Their search doesn’t allow you to refine too much so you’ll have to spend more time browsing. franchises for sale

Don’t Miss These Helpful Resources

Don’t miss our researched list of low cost but high quality franchises. If you haven’t skimmed it already the Buying a Business Tips page linked below is super helpful for getting your head around any business purchase; traditional or franchise. We share our personal buying practices at the bottom of that page if you share your email address.

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