Our Favorite Bookstand

Hands-Free Book Holder Lets You Eat and Read Comfortably

This one is designed for better reading posture which makes it a lot easier to see the pages. Love to eat and read? We do too and this bookstand is just the ticket for propping up the volume and holding down pages. An almost permanent fixture on our dining table, whomever gets there first gets to use it! It holds books fat and thin, narrow and wide, at just about any angle you’d like. Great for cookbooks too. Take a look at what we think is the best bookstand for the money. Smaller and larger versions are also available by the same brand.

Here’s why we like this book stand:

  • Highly Adjustable– from almost flat to almost vertical
  • Holds Down Pages– our favorite feature
  • Big Books Fit– even our largest cookbooks
  • Folds Up– easy to fold and stow
  • Promotes Good Posture– no more hunching over

Buy Now- $32

Fits Even the Largest Books

Attractive Wood Look Blends In


“Eating and reading are two pleasures that combine admirably.”
― C.S. Lewis

Order yours today so you can sit comfortably while reading at the table. No more trying to hold your book open with one hand.
Best Bookstand Wiztem Jasmine Cookbook

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