Avid Reader and Home Improvement Buff Retirement Gift

Which gift would you personally like better? Imagine a friend who spends all his free time with his nose in a book, or out in the garage messing around with tools and yard stuff. Both gifts are less than $150. Think he would love either choice since he likes working on house maintenance almost as much as reading, but would be nice for some of his tasks to be easier. Best friends only retire once, so doing something nice.

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Kindle Waterproof Paperwhite
kindle paperwhite gift
Thin and Light
Glare-free even in Direct Sunlight
Super Long Battery Life
Adjustable Display Brightness
All the Great Kindle Books!
Around $130
SunJoe Pressure Washer
sunjoe pressure washer gift
Works on Cars, Houses, Driveways
Super Powerful
Five Different Cleaning Tips
Use Two Types Detergent at the Same Time
Nice Long Wand and Hose
Garden Hose Adapter
Around $145

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts or counting your clicks. Thank you for reading about our gift dilemma! It’s funny how finding the perfect retirement gift is more daunting than even birthdays. Most people retire once; and it’s hard to get them something they’ll really use and not just be one more thing to clutter up their lifestyle. Since this little beauty is way outside our price range, we’ll hope that either glare-free reading or cleaning the dickens out of everything makes him happy.

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