Do You Have a Skill or Insider Knowledge Others Would Value?

Almost everyone has something they are really good at or know more about than the average person dabbling in the subject. Or maybe they have a passion that others would embrace. What’s your special area of expertise or interest?

Writing EBooks or Podcasting?

Do you long to write a book but think it’s overwhelming or has to be really long? Writing an ebook can be fun and profitable, and not too difficult. Some of the best selling Amazon Kindle books are very short, but still valuable and full of great insights. Ebooks can be fiction or non-fiction, but it’s important to have an audience. Is there something you feel is missing from the ebook marketplace on Amazon? What do you know that others would like to know? Do you have insider tips from working in a particular field, or perhaps experience gained through your work or life.

Or maybe you love to talk more than write? Podcasting might be an option. People are into lots of things and there is room for a podcast on almost any topic. What would you like to talk about on a weekly or perhaps bi-weekly basis? Super cars, travel spots, saltwater aquariums, or whatever your passion. To be a podcaster you simply record your thoughts, or interviews with guests on a regular basis, and post them to a podcasting platform. After you have a good number of followers you can sell sponsorships in the form of short audio ad segments. It’s not difficult and more and more people are doing it.

Which Sounds More Rewarding?

Write an EBook
how to write a kindle ebook

Free to Publish
Amazon Has the Audience
Can Establish You as a Subject Matter Expert
Use to Give Exposure to Another Business You Own
No Maintenance Needed
Small Income Can Lead to Series
Helpful Guide around $4

Start a Podcast
how to start a podcast

Low Cost Startup
Deep Dive Into a Passion
Become the Go-To Expert on Your Topic
Lots of Social Opportunities
Fun for Technical Tinkerers
Can Sell Short Audio Ads
A How-To Manual around $12

We really like the idea of a podcast, and hope to do one some day. An ebook is interesting too, but with less income potential if you don’t make it part of a series, or hit on a wildly popular topic and generate viral buzz that translates into tons of downloads. Here’s another idea for fairly easy work from home opportunity. Make a community website, as large or small as you like and charge for ad space.

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