Reach Retirees & Baby Boomers Quickly

Baby Boomers and Retirees

We cater to Baby Boomers. Wouldn’t you love to reach them too?
Largest generation in the US; tech savvy with enormous influence.
Have money and spend it on lifestyle improvements.
Active on social media and love sharing great ideas.
Generous; often purchasing with others in mind.

Our Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsored Posts- 6 months exposure / $875 / 500 words

We provide a list of topics for you to choose from that match your company’s expertise and would most benefit our audience. Your sponsored post is checked by our editor, then appears in the correct category alongside our own content.

  • Quick turnaround time
  • 500 words or less post space
  • Author credit includes company logo, website, phone number
  • Opportunity to offer our readers a discount or link to a form fill
  • Newsletter inclusion of snippet and link

Ask the Expert- Annual Relationship / $1375 per year / Sidebar display ad / 500 word Top 10 List

Your company or personal profile in display ad format will appear in the sidebar of a relevant category page and link to a custom author page with your Top Insider Tips for decision-making for that category. Your profile is created by our team, and the tips page you provide is reviewed by our editor, then assigned a custom url.

  • 500 word Top Insider Tips post on custom page
    • Subject Experts – ex. passive income, security, buying an RV
    • Relocation Experts – ex. moving to Asheville NC
  • Author credit includes company logo, website, phone number
  • Opportunity to offer our readers a discount or link to a form fill via an outbound link to your landing page

Display Advertising- 6 months exposure / $875 / Sidebar display ad / 250 x 250 pixel

We have a few key places where display ads will be permitted. We’ll match your company’s product, service, or event to an appropriate prominent location on our site, and offer you a selection of the options below.

  • Quick turnaround time
  • 250 x 250 pixel ad space, sidebar locations
  • Outbound link to your landing page

RSS Feed Inclusion- long term exposure / ask for price

For a few rare relationships we offer an RSS feed of your content directly on our site. Examples include job search sites, news, or other highly relevant material. Feel free to suggest an alternative category.

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