Want to Work from Home in Retirement?

Be careful while looking, there are lots of undesirable offers and scams. We’ve found some of the more attractive, credible, and stable search sites for you to consider. Never send someone money who offers you employment, training for employment, or access to unpublished jobs! Real jobs have real job postings, interviews, and an easy way to find out more about the company without paying to do so. A work from home job is different than starting a work from home business. We have lots of ideas for that too; just visit our Best Businesses to Start Now page.

The jobs on the list below are good ways to earn a side income working for a legitimate company from your own home. For many of them you’ll need a smart phone or landline since computer phones (VOIP) are too glitchy for jobs that require voice communication. You’ll also probably need a laptop, a quiet spot in your home to do business, and a desk to spread out paperwork. Jobs can also require a clear speaking voice, the ability to quickly enter keystrokes, or availability at less than typical office hours. See if one of the work from home jobs below interests you.

Most Common Legitimate Work from Home Job Categories

Call Center Operator
Data Entry
Customer Care
Website Tester
Content Writer
Technical Support
Insurance Agent
Web Nurse
Child Care Provider

Here Are the Best Work from Home Job Sites…


Freelancer is the place to go if you have skills to farm out, and are willing to do lots of short term gigs. Long term gigs are available too; in fact they are becoming more common. As a freelancer you may do photo editing, content writing, building a website, or whatever the job lister needs. Most of the jobs posted are technical in nature, but it’s worth a browse even if you’re not.

freelancer jobs work from home


This is an actual company, not a job search site. Caring.com is a destination site for people who are looking for information around the topic of caring for aging parents, spouses, or other people in their lives. They frequently post work at home jobs for their Senior Living division. Read over one of their listings, and see if you think you’d like talking to people about their options for senior housing.

work from home senior jobs caring.com


Indeed is a generalized job search site but definitely check them out for work from home opportunities. Their search tool is excellent. Simply put work from home and your city in the search box and you will see lots of entries. Companies pay to be on Indeed but you don’t. For that reason, most listings are real jobs. Be careful though, because they also post jobs culled from other sites.

Hire My Mom

HireMyMom is the real deal. The company screens each listing to make sure it’s an actual work from home job and that the company is above board. Oversights can happen of course, but they have a staff and make a real effort to provide a good service. You’ll be asked to join their service but it’s only $30 for three month and you can stop at any time. You aren’t paying for access to the jobs. You’re paying because real people are reviewing them for legitimacy before you see them.

work from home hire my mom

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