The Best Shopping Rebates + $30 Cash!

If you take just a few minutes before you shop online to use your Rakuten membership, you’re very likely to get cash back on your purchase. We received several hundred dollars in rebates last year, just by remembering to go to Rakuten first and selecting from their store list. Almost every place we shop gives rebates including Amazon, Kohls, J. Crew, Gap, Athleta, and many others.
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It’s So Simple to Use Rakuten for 2% to 40% Cash Back (formerly Ebates)

Sign up, get a $30 bonus, then share with your friends and get more bonuses! Then every time you shop online, visit Rakuten and log in, select the store you were planning to visit, see what the rebate is, and click it to be taken to the site. Your visit is automatically logged.

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The best part? The discounts available on the store website you visit, or the coupon or promo code you find elsewhere will also work, combined with the Rakuten rebate for a nice healthy double dip discount. Sometimes individual website discounts might not work combined with coupons and promo codes you find on other websites, but we’re used to that aren’t we?

Rakuten Shopping Rebates Instant Access

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