Comfort & Convenience

Our Best Tips for a Comfortable Lifestyle are Low Hassle and Affordable

When you are trying to enjoy all the good things in life, a few optimal comfort or convenience items can really ramp up your lifestyle in exchange for a modest investment in time or money.

Lifestyle improvements are best when they allow you to downsize your stuff and maximize efficiency. That means getting the right tools to maintain a quality lifestyle efficiently. We like products and services that are dual purpose, more cost effective, easier to store, or just plain more useful. Try adding just a tweak or two to your daily living and see what happens.

The Best Clothing Steamer Get Rid of Your Heavy Iron and Bulky Ironing Board We switched to a garment steamer because it’s faster and doesn’t take up as much room as an iron and board. No more sore back from bending over an ironing board, or storing several things toRead More →

Our Favorite Bookstand Hands-Free Book Holder Lets You Eat and Read Comfortably This one is designed for better reading posture which makes it a lot easier to see the pages. Love to eat and read? We do too and this bookstand is just the ticket for propping up the volume and holding downRead More →

Lightweight Flexible Standing Desk for All Heights Great for Your Back and Legs and Portable So You Can Work Anywhere This desk checked all the boxes for us. It’s hands down the best table top standing desk. We now own two. With an extra large work surface, very few movingRead More →