Jobs for Couples Who Want to Work Together in Retirement

The best jobs for couples allow you to work together in a way that uses your complimentary skill sets, while giving you a bit of breathing space when you need it. Husband and wife or partner work teams can be highly effective, but make sure you pick one that fits both of your personalities and interests. We have lots of information on Work from Home Jobs and Retirement Job Searches as well. We’d love to hear if you have ideas that would benefit the community. Just share them in our comments or write to us.

Most Common Jobs for Couples

Property Caretakers
Domestic Teams
Ranch Hands
Restaurant Operation
Lodging Manager
Pet Sitting
Storage Facility Management
Senior Caregiver
Estate Management
Truck Drivers
Property Management
Recreation Facility Operations

Here are the Places to Find Couples Jobs…


Lots of postings from this buying and selling site. Originally for exchanging goods and services, it now hosts lots of under the radar job postings by small business owners.

couples jobs from gumtree

Working Couples

This is probably the best know site for couples job hunting, but it does require you to be a paid subscriber to view the detailed aspects of a job listing. In the past, we’ve found a listing we liked, then joined to see access only after determining the location and job type available were interesting.

couples jobs from working couples


Indeed has become one of the best job hunting tools on the web. It’s one of the few with a keyword search tool that works for things like couples jobs, housing included, etc. Most job sites pull up gibberish when you do that with a few exceptions, but check the listings on Indeed and you’ll see real jobs and lots of detail.

Professional Association of Innkeepers International

If you want to work at a bed and breakfast this innkeepers association website is one of two primary places to look for jobs. We like that lots of detail is given in their listings so interested couples can pre-qualify themselves a bit. We feature the other primary b and b job site below, which has lots of listings, but less information about each.

Caretaker Jobs

We’ve talked about this site before as a good resource for finding jobs that include housing, since most caretaking opportunities involve staying at the place you are taking care of. They also post lost of couples job. It’s a rudimentary website, but one with a loyal following, so worth checking.

caretaker couple jobs

The B&B Team

The B&B Team are the self proclaimed experts in bed and breakfast consulting and have long had listings of b and b’s for sale, jobs, and training opportunities. A large list of openings hints at the increasing need for temporary or permanent innkeepers to take over from burnt out or absentee owners.

bed and breakfast team jobs for couples

Simply Hired

This site is a bit like Indeed but has different couples jobs offering. They seem to have more access to listings from universities, government run special housing programs, and individual  postings from small companies.

jobs for married couples simply hired

Household Staffing International

If you want to work at an estate, or for an affluent family this professional staffing company might be a good place to start. The couples jobs are quite varied, extremely specific in detail, and in many cases have an excellent salary.

household jobs for couples

Ranch Jobs

The name says it all farm management, ranch teams, and household staffing opportunities abound on large and small ranches across the country. Not all of the jobs require ranch experience…you’ll see postings or organic farm managers, equestrian facilities, and other broader interpretations of ranch life.

ranch jobs for couples

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