Volunteer Opportunities

There are quite a few places to find just the right volunteer opportunity to fit your desires and skills. Volunteer jobs can fall in the categories of farm work, helping the disabled, restoring our environment, helping entrepreneurs, educating, entertaining, and countless other options. There is sure to be something you’ll love doing. We’ve included the largest most organized volunteer search sites for retirees, but there are many more.

When you volunteer, it’s great to do it with a buddy. It keeps you motivated, shares the ride, and gives you someone to break the ice with. Volunteering can be short or long stints. A single hour a few times a month, or lots of hours every day.

The most fulfilling volunteer positions will match your personality, fitness level, preferred work environment, and interests to an organization that you feel good about supporting. It’s all up to you. If you need to receive a paycheck, however modest, please also check our Job Search for Retirees information page.

If you find something you like, be sure to match your level of commitment to what your volunteer organization is looking for. It’s a good idea to start small. Quitting abruptly can be disrupting to the lives or projects of others if you take on too much and decide it’s not a good fit.

volunteering with the homeless gardens
Image courtesy of The Homeless Garden Project in Santa Cruz CA

Check These Sites First to Find a Good Volunteer Opportunity…

Volunteer Match

With more than 100,000 opportunities and almost 15,000,000 referrals to volunteer programs in the United States, this site a great place to start. They list their top causes as Community, Children & Youth, Seniors, Health & Medicine, Education & Literacy, Advocacy & Human Rights, People with Disabilities, Arts & Culture, Animals, Environment, Hunger, Veterans & Military Families, Women, and Homeless & Housing.
search volunteer match


Idealist search tool is an excellent way to see what’s available without registering. It’s so interesting to see places across the world that could use a lending hand. If you are interested in world travel with a purpose, you might find a unique way to help out.
idealist find volunteer opportunity

Senior Corps

This volunteer organization is operated by the Corporation for National and Community Service, the federal agency responsible for managing volunteerism and grant-making efforts in our country. Senior Corps volunteers work in their own communities, and those nearby, making a difference to people in need.
volunteer with senior corps

International Volunteer Programs Association

This association is focused on making sure that volunteer opportunities abroad are given a way to reach potential volunteers. Their opportunities are sometimes not cross-posted on other platforms, so it’s worth a look if you want to volunteer out of the country.
find a volunteer opportunity ivpa

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