The Best Retirement Gifts are Useful and Fun

Treat yourself to something special, with lasting value in the form of repeat use or daily lifestyle improvement. When you are thinking about gift giving to others, consider a retirement gift that would be truly interesting or unique and super fun to give. Something that won’t just sit around or get stowed in a closet. Give a gift to someone you care about that will make a truly positive and lasting impact on the person you are gifting. We’ve given away bikes to a few business clients, as well as people who did work for us. Several times we’ve been thanked again many months later and told “Every time I ride my bike I think of you“. Super sweet, huh? Here’s a list of the best gifts we’ve received in the past, those we’ve enjoyed giving, and a few planned for the future. Consider one for yourself, or to make someone you care about smile.

Grow’n Serve Microgreens Super Food Growing Kit

microgreens growing kit
best microgreens

Grow and Harvest at Home

  • Use as Table Centerpiece
  • Window Mounts Available
  • Super Food Antioxidant Rich
  • Attractive Clear Container
  • All Growing Materials Included
  • Super Pretty Results
  • Keeps on Giving

Buy Now- Under $25

Electric Bike Helps Longevity and Wellness

best electric bike
electric bike for women

Nakto 6 Speed Electric Bike

  • Carbon Steel Frame
  • Electric Headlamp
  • Three Modes Manual, Ebike & Assisted
  • Up to 25 Miles Per Charge
  • Horn, Trumpet & Lock
  • Fast Charging Charger
  • Help Someone Ride to Health
  • Cheaper Non-Electric Option

Buy Now- Around $650

Lightweight Solar Lantern for Reading and Games

luci solar lantern
solar lantern

Why This Makes a Great Gift

  • Charges in the Sun
  • Lasts 7 Hours
  • 10 White LEDs are Bright
  • Very Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Inflatable & Collapsible
  • Many Different Uses

Buy Now- Less than $18

Huge World Map is a Beautiful Reference

best world map laminated
political world map

World Reference for Garage or Office

  • Super Easy to See at 78×46
  • Clearly Defined Political Borders
  • Hill, Terrain & Sea Shading
  • Laminated Front
  • Fun to Look Up Areas in the News
  • Give Map Pins Too
  • Crease-Free Tube Shipped

Buy Now- Less Than $40

Melodic Zen Rain Chain Adds Soothing Garden Charm

copper rain chain
monarch copper rain chain

Beautiful Copper Rain Chain

  • Rain Makes a Soothing Sound
  • Easily Attaches to Gutters
  • Will Patina Over Time
  • 8 1/2 Feet Long w/ 21 Cups
  • Pretty Sunflower Design
  • Gently Overflows Onto Plants
  • Beautiful Decorative Touch

Buy Now- Around $90

Window Bird Feeder Gives Wonderful Up Close Access to Songbirds

best window bird feeder
window style bird feeder

Deluxe Transparent Bird Feeder

  • See Amazing Bird Details
  • Large Capacity
  • Super Strong Suction Cups
  • You’ve Never Been Closer
  • Drain Holes & Strong Acrylic
  • Lets Birds Feed Higher Off Ground
  • Great Conversation Starter

Buy Now- Less Than $25

Easy Start Aquarium is the Gift of a New Hobby

best freshwater aquarium set
led freshwater aquarium

3 Gallon LED Freshwater Aquarium

  • Crystal Clear Glass Viewing
  • Hidden Filtration
  • Daylight and Moonlight Settings
  • Stylish Base Looks Great
  • Glass Canopy Protects Fish
  • Biofoam Cultivates Healthy Bacteria
  • Watch Fish Up Close

Buy Now- Around $65

Luxury Bamboo Tub Tray Puts Everything in Arms Reach But Nice and Dry

best bamboo bath caddy
bamboo bath tray for tub

Royal Bamboo Bath Caddy

  • Adjustable to Fit Most Tubs
  • Book or Tablet Holder
  • Free Bamboo Soap Holder
  • Two Removable Trays for Accessories
  • Slip Resistant Feet
  • Wine Glass Slot
  • Attractive Addition to Your Bath

Buy Now- Around $45

Greenhouse for Extending the Growing Season

portable greenhouse
backyard greenhouse

Walk-In Shelved Greenhouse

  • Grow Early and Late Flowers & Veggies
  • 12 Built-In Shelves
  • Lightweight but Strong
  • Sun and Wind Protection
  • Tie-Downs for Wind
  • Zippered Roll-Up Door
  • Good Ventilation

Buy Now- Under $80

Stylish and Romantic Flickering Birch Bark LED Candle Set

best led candles
modern led candle set

Beautiful Birch Finish Wax 3 Candle Set

  • Pretty & Soft LED Flicker
  • Long Battery Life
  • Real Wax Pillars
  • Remote Control w/ Timer Included
  • No Flame No Fires
  • 3.5″ Wide 4″, 5″, 6″ Tall
  • High Quality Looks Real

Buy Now- About $16

Orion Tabletop Telescope Explores the Milky Way

best beginner telescope
orion telescope

Super Telescope for Beginners

  • Tabletop for Stability
  • See Planets, Stars, Nebulas
  • Quick Start Assembly
  • Two Hi Res Magnifiers
  • Smooth Altazimuth Motion
  • Not Fussy Grab and Go
  • Free Starry Night Software

Buy Now- Around $200

Healthful and Fun Pickleball Keeps Us Moving

learn to play pickleball
bet pickleball paddles

Premium Graphite Racket Set

  • Super Fun & Easy Game
  • Like Slow Tennis or Ping Pong
  • Two Rackets, Balls & Case
  • Honeycomb Construction for Pop
  • Lightweight but Strong
  • Comfort Grip
  • Play on Court or Street

Buy Now- Around $60

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