Is a Reverse-Folding or Storm-Proof Umbrella the Best Choice?

Which umbrella is better? Help us decide if convenience and a fun design is more important than strength and safety…we ended up getting both styles and actually use our reverse-fold one the most. We got two of those and keep them in our cars. Mine has a blue sky with clouds inside, his is all black.


Inverted Reverse Folding for Ease of Entry into Car
Can Be Used Hands-Free
Drip Free – wet side folds in
Around $22
Storm Proof for Wind Protection

Super Strong
Will Not Break or Collapse
Keeps Most of You Dry
Extra Large Coverage Room for Two
Around $20

What Do You Think? Before we looked into something new we had four umbrellas, only one of which worked well, and that one was really small. Guess it was time to update to an umbrella or two that actually help when it’s rainy and windy. Thanks for saving us from resorting to something like this LOL. Thanks for reading!

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