See Which Umbrella Our Community Likes Best

Does Your Umbrella Collapse in High Winds or Have Sharp Pointed Ribs?

A useful but safe umbrella design, or one that allows you to easily slip in and out of cars? For storms and severe weather, the windproof golf umbrella was considered decidedly better, but for casual use running errands in light showers, the foldable reverse umbrella is perfectly suitable and lots of poll-takers chose that one for style and ease of use.

Here are the results…

SAFETY WON 1st CHOICE- Athletico Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

For severe weather, every umbrella should have three critical safety features. Don’t put your safety at risk using an umbrella without them! First, wind vents are critical for stability and control. The umbrella should have protected tips, not sharp metal spikes. And finally, if possible the shaft should be fiberglass or other non-conductive material. The wrong one is more likely to grab the wind and sweep you into traffic, collapse and injure you, or even cause wrist strain from whipping about.

Double Canopy Umbrella Is Windproof and Waterproof w/Ergonomic Rubber Handle

Why we like our featured SAFE choice:

  • Rubber Canopy Tips- less chance for gouging
  • Fiberglass Shaft- prevents electric shock
  • Auto Open- thumb push opens quickly
  • Windproof- vented for Wind- double canopy
  • Great Size- big enough to protect your clothing

Buy Now Around $20

Feature Rich Design

Strong Double Canopy

If you need a smaller umbrella, please check to make sure it has at least most of the features of this larger, room for two, model.
Athletico Automatic Open Golf Umbrella – Double Canopy Umbrella Is Windproof and Waterproof w/Ergonomic Rubber Handle

CONVENIENCE & STYLE a CLOSE 2nd- Bagail Double Layer Inverse Umbrella

Small and Light for Sprinkles and Running to the Car

Our favorite is just plain convenient for light rain and wind. It comes in lots of cool colors and designs, clips on your wrist for one-handed carry, and let’s us slip in and out of the car with ease.

best inverted umbrella

Why we like our featured CONVENIENT choice:

  • Easy Car Access- slip into your car and reverse fold/li>
  • Super Light- tucks away easily
  • Hands Free- nice wrist holder
  • Fun Designs- florals, spirals, nature-inspired
  • STANDS ON IT’s OWN- exposed fabric is DRY!

Buy Now Around $22

PS – We bought two of these, but ALSO got the Athletico lightening-proof wind-proof golf umbrella for safety during sporting events.

Von Says…

Sometimes a simple tool is all you need to get out an enjoy more of your days. Don’t let a little rain stop you from taking a walk, or allow a bright sunny day to chase you inside if you have sun-sensitive skin.

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